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Why we are here

Answering the big questions! Why are we here? What is our mission? What does God want from us? How do we meet God whilst we are still alive? How do we travel to meet our Galactic Neighbours amongst trillions of stars in millions of galaxies? The world is given to us to manage so that our children can inherit it, in a better shape than we found it. That is our mission, plain and simple. It is in Genesis chapter 1, verse 28, which says that we should "go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth." If we are to be like the sand on the beach, is this by having children? Or is it by having ideas? We are given two tools. Temptation and Free Will. Temptation includes things like Gas, Oil, Uranium, Coal. Fossils that fossilise our thinking. Things we can dig out of the ground and burn. And so we are just pyromaniacs! And temptation includes Corruption, Money Laundering, Rape, Taking things that don't belong to us; Slander; Undermining others;

Emerging a new reality

Dear Moody's has morphed into Dear Moody's, Dear Fitch Ratings and Dear Standard and Poor's (S&P) because Dear Moody's is asking Moody's NOT to Downgrade South Africa's Sovereign Rating to "Non Investment Grade" (also known as "Junk" Status; "Junk Bonds" are an example of what happens when an investment loses its investment value), whilst Dear Fitch Ratings and Dear S&P are asking Fitch and S&P to UPGRADE South Africa from Junk to Investment Grade. How can a Scientist with an MBA expect to get acknowledged by world renowned Actuaries and Economists and Chief Economists and the WEF and the UN and the World Bank and the World's top three Ratings Agencies? Why not? My motto is "if you don't try you won't know." I'm not trying to sell anything. Actually I'm not selling a product. I am selling a "new" way of thinking, and I'm trying to Emerge something that i

Dear Moody's : Save South Africa

Dear everyone who liked, commented and viewed my Declaring a State of Emergency (re the Water Crisis and other State Failures) on LinkedIN and made it go viral post, please see Dear Moody's at And Please Join and Add your voice, so that Moody's do not downgrade South Africa in November. So much good, Non-Governmental Work, is being done. And South African policy is brilliant. Just badly implemented. It is time to stop only "liking" posts, but also to put our hand in. If you wish to financially support this struggle, please see Dear Moodys is also on Facebook If you wish to support this struggle financially, then please see

Labour Day, 2019, Getting rid of healers

--> I wrote this in 2007, when government "decided" that Traditional Healers should be put out of business because Doctors are qualified to treat people. Slowly over the past 12 years the rights of Sangomas and Shamans and Reiki Masters and others, to heal, have been eroded in South Africa and in this world. Intuition is the art of tapping into the SuperConscious. If Doctors are not taught intuition and are not taught nutrition , then they aren't learning how to treat the whole. Mostly doctors work in part, eg Dentist, Orthodontist, Maxilo Facial Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Speech Therapist, and this is just for the mouth. But a Medical Intuitive  can see the entire body. Better than any Xray. And a Directed Pressure Point Technique (DPPT) Practitioner  can solve lower back pain better than (m)any operation(s). The government did not respond to my letter ... --- Milnerton Cape Town 7441 16 th November 2007 The Director-Ge

Outlawing Private Police Forces in South Africa - and Analogies with Private Electricity and Water Infrastructure - The Failure of States

A Labour Day essay ... On Workers Day , Mayday, or Labour Day, we need to think carefully, with a lot of care, about workers and the right of workers to have work and to be compensated for that work, and for the workers to have rights at work, and not to be slaves at work. (Just a note that I am in a party of one, a people of South Africa. I am not a member of a "union". And note that I mostly work without breaks and long hours and often on public holidays and over weekends, and I haven't had a proper holiday since January 2016. But that's ok, and perhaps I'll write a separate article about that. One should note that Unions protect workers; they do nothing for the unemployed. It is assumed that The State will look after the Unemployed and that The State will create conditions so that the Unemployed are unemployable and join unions.) In 2004, government tried to outlaw private security companies. In those days they were called Neighbourhood Watches. They mainl