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Barak Obama, Yes We Can, Wins (written 5th November 2008)

Dear all An African in the White House. An African American. Our Hope. Hatikva: The Hope. Perhaps the hope of the world. The Mayans predicted that we are currently in the fifth night, where the lessons of the fifth day happen, and where in the sixth day which starts next Tuesday, 11th, we actually start embracing the change. The sixth day is "the darkest hour" of each of the 9 cycles (which have 7 days and 6 nights) in the Mayan Calendar. The current change is a movement from Power to Ethics. As a socialist capitalist, ie a person who believes that the profits made by a capitalist system, which strives for efficiency and effectiveness, must be shared and that debts must be paid off or managed, I welcome this change to an Age of Ethics. The Bible says that some people are given wealth and the ability to make money. They have the associated responsibility to share some of it, as well as to lead by example. BTW, if you search for Mayan Prophecy you will encounter doom

Saving the South African Economy

Letter written to the Cape Town newspapers: ... David is a scientist and Reiki Master with a Masters in Business Administration who helps people and organisations to heal. For more information please contact David at Dear Editor The Cape Times' "Rate Cuts Could Lift Rand" on 14th January 2009 and the South African Reserve Bank's (SARB's) recent statement that they are bringing the interest rate announcement forward a week refers. As a healer working with companies and individuals, I am finding more and more distressed organisations and families in South Africa. The common perception is that the worldwide slowdown is not effecting South Africa. However I believe that this is a myth and that in the next few months 1000's of businesses will close and tens of 1000's of jobs will be lost. There is a lot of goodwill in South Africa with business owners investing in their own businesses, but at some point this will stop and South Afr

Ask the South African Reserve Bank for Bailout Money - Inform them of a looming crisis

Dear all The SARB and local banks are pretending that there is no problem in South Africa, possibly because they don't have visibility of a looming crisis which can possibly be avoided or at least mitigated if managed well. If you are bailing out your own company, then please write to Mr Tito Mboweni at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). I suggest stating that you have put x into the company over a certain time period and that you would like the SARB to also put x into the company, essentially to keep you going. Advise the SARB how many employees you have, what your turnover has been for the past 3 years, what your employee count was at the end of each year and what your projected turnover is for 2009 and expected number of employees in December 2009. Remind the SARB that in South Africa, there are typically up to 10 people dependent on each employee and that if the SARB don't help you out, then the government's ability to pay unemployment benefits at some point wi