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At One Ment

The 10 days between the Jewish New Year and The Day of Atonement (At One Ment) are called the 10 days of Penitence and they are a special time of the year when we ask for forgiveness from our friends, colleagues and anyone else we may have wronged, or who may have wronged us, ... or simply where we have erred. Of-course we should ask for forgiveness as soon as someone has hurt us or as soon as we have hurt someone or more likely as soon as we have hurt ourselves. We need to go through this forgiveness of each other and ourselves (our selfs = our souls = our bodies = our minds = our MeODeCha (all that we are) (our "muchness")) because on the Day of Atonement we need to stand close up before G-d in G-d's Throne Room (KiSei KeVoDeCha)) and ask for forgiveness as G-d looks at our deeds and misdeeds and the things we know and don't know about ourselves and decides on our future. (Johari Window.) A Kabbalist approach is that when we hurt ourselves or when