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DREAM (Double Renewable Energy in AMerica in 3 years) (Bo 5769)

This week's parashah (section of the Bible Jews read this week) continues with the plagues and miracles. G-d tells Moses to Go and tell Pharaoh to "let my people go ", i.e. FREE my people. But Pharaoh is enjoying the slavery of the people and incredibly so are the people! It takes the death of the firstborn of Egypt (Mitzrayim - the "dark" place where one finds oneself before one emerges into the light (enlightenment)) to make the Israelites (children of Israel (Jacob)) and Pharaoh realise that real change is afoot . Last week I dealt with this slavery, the miracles that are happening daily in my life and the plagues that we are currently faced on our fragile planet, which we call Earth. I am go ing to America. Here is my story of why I am going, what I will do and what you can expect from me when I get back. I will be away for 3 weeks from 9th February 2009 until 1st March 2009 and will be traveling firstly to Phoenix, Arizona for 2 weeks; and t