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Nuclear or Coal Power or The Roof Top Owner Utility?

Preface My name is David Lipschitz . I am a software developer and a researcher, researching Energy in its widest possible sense, but narrowed to Energy used by the people of South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho. I bring you Powerful Energy Knowledge based on my knowledge, based on Software, Energy and Power . Introduction This article represents a Balance Sheet, taken on 23rd November 2013, of my  knowledge  and making recommendations as to how I see rapid sustainable employment in Southern Africa and the world . The main points in this article are: Scaleability , e.g. building a 3 KW (3,000 Watt; 3 KiloWatt) house (roof top) power station and scaling it to 30 GW, (30,000,000,000 Watt; 30 GigaWatt); 10 million houses * 3 kW = 30 GW. " Localisation ", i.e. in the narrow definition of " Jobs in Clean Energy " OR the wider definition of " Jobs in the General Economy because of Jobs (Investment) in Clean Energy "? 11 million people need to b