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Chanuka: Do we need Global Warming and Environmental Destruction in our future?

Dear all It's Chanuka tonight.  The Jewish festival of lights.  Let's find a way to light up our world. We have all been reading about Global Warming recently, especially with "Copenhagen" happening at the moment. Ask questions at : Mine is: "Depending on who one listens to climate change may or may not be happening, but environmental destruction is happening at an alarming rate. It is easy to see. It effects our lives, our health, our water, our living environment, our planet. What are our world leaders doing to address this problem?" Some people I talk to say Global Warming is happening, and some people say it isn't happening.  Some say that it is a natural thing and others say that humans are contributing to it.  Some call it Global Weirding because although they say the earth will warm by 2% on average; some places will get hotter (perhaps much hotter