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Ending World Poverty and Wage Slavery - and creating an environment to meet our Galactic Neighbours

In today’s age, we have two problems. Maybe more. But basically two. The first: We need to understand the difference between a Puzzle and a Mystery. A Puzzle is when you put the 1000 pieces together and there is a missing piece. You know exactly what is missing. A Mystery is where you have all the information, but you don’t know where to look. This is where we are today, and hence why Computer Scientists are now called Data Scientists. We have everything at our fingertips . A device you carry in your hand has all the information that has ever been invented on it; it can take you places; phone anyone in the world; look at colour maps and drawings of anything. And for free! Or it seems free until you are looking for the needle in the haystack. And when you want to find that needle fast, you need to find the person who can find it for or with you and wouldn’t you say that they should be compensated for that gift that they bring you? Note that I use the word “ Compensation ” not “payment


20 18 18 is Life in Hebrew: Chai. So last year was "To (2) Life". I thought it would be the best year ever. We are still here so it was amazing, but financially at least it could have been better. So perhaps "2 Life" meant Life Created and as "babies" we must first learn to eat, walk, and other things. 20 19 20 is Reish in Hebrew. 19 is Kuf. Together they make Ryk. Rich in Afrikaans and German. So let's pray for a rich year for everyone. Maybe it's not about the money, although obviously we all want to be here in January 2020, which will be Roar (like a Lion). We are blessed to be here. We are renewed every night as we sleep. We wake up with new inspirations and new opportunities each day. Each day, God gives us an opportunity to be a partner in creation. And every day we should do something small to replenish the earth and make it just a little bit better. I judge myself. I am hard on myself. I ha