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Apathetic People and The (A) Messiah

I've been involved in various causes for decades. A few people take it upon themselves to make their world a better place. I've decided that "Apathetic people do what they like because one day the (or perhaps a) Messiah will come and save them." Do you agree with me? Do you agree that each of us has a piece of God inside us and therefore we have shared responsibilities to take care of our world?

My Power Station

My new sales and energy management web site is up and running. Take a look at My Power Station concerns internal (personal) and external (relationships, electricity) energy. Both of these types of energy are renewable, ie can and should be renewed. Renewed implies a time limit. The time limit should be reasonably short, eg 1 month to 10 years. Fossil fuel energies are "renewable" in the sense that it takes millions of years for trees to become coal and oil, but this stored energy is being released far too quickly into our atmosphere and the 20th Century Process is causing environmental destruction. We need a new process for the 21st Century. We don't want our children to think of us as living in The Age of Stupid. "Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance" is the question asked in the video. I believe we live in The Age of Procrastination. We don't understand something so we leave it for someone else.

RYW: Skills for Community Self Reliance Course

To my dear RYW BLOG readers I just attended a week long Ecovillages and Sustainable Community Design Course. It was brilliant. If you'd like more information, please email me or reply here. Love David PS: I will be prefixing these BLOGS with RYW in future. RYW stands for RepairYourWorld, my BLOG.