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Love and Faith

Yesterday 11 Jewish people were murdered in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA. My heart bleeds for them and for their families, and for everyone of faith, everywhere. If we have Faith, we Trust in the Power of Love, of Redemption, and of Revelation. Love implies opening ourselves up to an infinite possibility of hurt, as those we love (open up to) can use what they know against us, in the worst possible way. Of-course, if they love us back, they can use this knowledge to open us up, to find that infinite spark that lives inside each of us, and help us to a full and meaningful life. Redemption means being bought out of slavery, and specifically by The Divine, The Infinite, G-d. Jews remind ourselves every year (at Passover) that we are slaves, open to the temptations of a world that tries to make us slaves, and we can, will be, and are free. Revelation means what is revealed to us as we travel the lonely desert and listen to that voice we hear in the stillness of our heart, our

The Exhodus after the Flood: Miracles and Plagues (Va-era 5769)

Tikkun Jacob Forum - Repair Your World - Miracles - Va'era 23rd Jan 2009; 27th Tevet 5769 Blog at If you have been forwarded this email, then you can subscribe to my email list at this link. When one has a relationship with G-d, one knows He exists. One feels it constantly and one is reminded of it daily. It could start with simply thanking G-d for all the gifts He continuously bestows upon us. These may be food, money, security, family, children, friends, work, play, the stars, the earth, water. But when they start including something we take for granted like electricity and we start thanking G-d for electricity every day, we might start thinking, where does the electricity come from? Who makes it? What happens when we turn on the light? How come the light turns on? Was the fire just started that turns on the light? Or was the fire on all day just in case someone turns on a light? Imagine wanting to braai (BBQ) for your family

How do projects get to be days, weeks, or months behind schedule

TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

BlockChain and BitCoin Currencies

The drought in our minds

Repair Your World: Solving the electricity crisis at no tax cost to the treasury

My latest letter to the Cape Times editor. Melanie Gosling's articles this week and NERSA today (24th February 2010) approving 25% increases (95% over 3 years) refer. My company has a number of clients who wish to provide their own energy. We don't believe that we can rely on Eskom energy. It isn't sustainable. It isn't clean. Not only is coal polluting the air, mining it is polluting our water resources and destroying our roads. If we weren't in a recession Eskom energy wouldn't be enough for our requirements, so there is no true security of supply, especially as Eskom has not got the increase they wanted. Lastly, in the medium to long term, Eskom's energy is not affordable for our clients and there are already affordable alternatives. However, most of the clients we consult to are too small to fit into the 1 Megawatt bracket which gets the feed in tariff (REFIT). And the REFIT itself is a farce because the government has implemented a tender system w

David LIPSCHITZ reading his Declaring A State of Emergency post

Me reading the Declaring a State of Emergency LinkedIn post, with a few verbal additions and a special ending

MInister of Water And Sanitation speaks at the Press Club - 31st January 2018

I attended the urgently called Cape Town Press Club Breakfast with Ms Nomvula Mokonyane, the Minister of Water and Sanitation, on a Sunday morning. I think this was the first time that the Press Club Hosted a lecture on a Sunday. One should note that Nomvula means "Mother of Rain". And Nomvula believes that the rain will save us. She is almost exactly one year older than me, and she has a Certificate in Emerging Economics from Wharton Business School and a Certificate of Local Government & Provincial Law from Sweden. She came into the ANC via the Communist Party and her speech and answers to questions raised from the audience reflected her training. Considering that she was the Premier of Gauteng, she should have known exactly what Premier Zille should be doing, but she had no advice for our Premier whatsoever. I sat with Premier Helen Zille and had the honour to meet a young lady from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation, who is here for 2 months researchin

A citizen is about to declare a State of Emergency

People should be cross with themselves for allowing this situation to get to where it is, when the likes of myself, Anthony Turton, GrahamTek and many other Active Citizens have been warning of this impending disaster for decades. And please, this is not the worst drought ever. It is the worst drought in 33 years. It is the worst water management crisis ever, and THE FIRST WATER MANAGEMENT CRISIS WAS IN 1800. Sorry about the SHOUTING / Emphasis. South Africans and their Government have known that Cape Town is a Water Scarce region for Millenia. Hence why the Bushman learnt how to live in the desert. And in 1800, "modern civilisation" learnt that the Tavern of the Seas with its Abundant Hoerikwaggo water, was actually "water scarce". The problem: People are apathetic. They plan for retirement in 30 years time, but they don't plan to be alive next week. Most people are "free-riders". eg in Milnerton, about half of reside

Mayor Patricia de Lille says that Cape Town will run out of water in April 2018

The Water Crisis just got a lot worse. Actually the crisis's status didn't change. The City finally woke up. And the City blames its citizens, when it is quite clearly the City's fault. Join now. Make an impact. Save Cape Town.

The Nuclear vs Renewables Debate in South Africa

I wrote this when I heard that the new South African Nuclear Power Station has been put on hold: (written 10/12/2008) The cost of the stopped nuclear power station was going to be R100 Billion (R100,000,000,000) and for this amount we could take more than 200,000 houses completely off the grid, paid for by the government and with minimal running costs and almost zero decommissioning costs. This at R500,000 per house (*1) The R100 Billion nuclear plant would have produced 3,400 MW. So the cost is R29 per watt. The biggest wind turbines are 6MW. This would need 567 wind turbines plus a factor of 20% for wind free days = 681 turbines. Large Wind Turbines cost in 2002 was R20 per watt (*6) which means that a 6MW turbine costs R120m Rand. Multiplied by 681 = R80,720,000,000 (R80 billion). Meaning we have money left over if compared with R100 for a Nuclear Power Station. This R19.3 Billion could possibly be used to add more wind turbines giving us a spare capacity of close to 50