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Emerging a new reality

Dear Moody's has morphed into Dear Moody's, Dear Fitch Ratings and Dear Standard and Poor's (S&P) because Dear Moody's is asking Moody's NOT to Downgrade South Africa's Sovereign Rating to "Non Investment Grade" (also known as "Junk" Status; "Junk Bonds" are an example of what happens when an investment loses its investment value), whilst Dear Fitch Ratings and Dear S&P are asking Fitch and S&P to UPGRADE South Africa from Junk to Investment Grade. How can a Scientist with an MBA expect to get acknowledged by world renowned Actuaries and Economists and Chief Economists and the WEF and the UN and the World Bank and the World's top three Ratings Agencies? Why not? My motto is "if you don't try you won't know." I'm not trying to sell anything. Actually I'm not selling a product. I am selling a "new" way of thinking, and I'm trying to Emerge something that i