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Easy or Difficult. What choice do we make?

Easy or difficult? The #choice is in each of us. Separately and together. Easy: Anger. Pride. Jealousy. Envy. Hatred. Unethical. Corruption. Stealing. Back-stabbing. Killing. Adultery. Rape. Pollution. Environmental Destruction. Pollution of the Soul. Taking. War. Drug abuse. Alcohol abuse. Easy. Cursed. Propaganda. Speeding. Mindless pursuits, like excessive TV watching!! Profanity. Profane. Death. Difficult: Kindness. Generosity. Love. Friendliness. Honesty. Ethical / Ethics. Cleanliness. Giving. Receiving. Peace. Charity. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Listening. Silence. Difficult. Blessed. Thinking. Taking the time to spend time with yourself. Taking the time to spend time with your loved ones. Mind Training. "Right" Conduct. Forbearance. Meditation. Dedication. Wisdom. Truth. Purity. Sacred. Freedom of Speech. Life. Difficult or easy? We each have this #choice. This is the #choice that God has

Wars: why pick on Gaza?

I've been trying hard not to say anything about Gaza, and to focus on the things that I actually know about, e.g. Computer Programming and South Africa's Electricity Crisis, but someone just compared the current Power and Water outage in Utrecht, Natal with Gaza. He said: "Imagine what its like in Gaza". And I replied: What exactly has Gaza got to do with Utrecht? Especially when 1000's of trucks have taken aid and supplies into Gaza through the Israeli border crossing? Especially when 1000's of tons of concrete was supplied by Israel and was used to build tunnels instead of schools? Or perhaps you meant to add: Imagine what its like in Israel with thousands of rockets raining down on you? Imagine what its like to have to live within 15 seconds of a Bomb Shelter? Imagine what its like with people jumping out of tunnels highjacking your children? Maybe you meant to add: Imagine what its like in Iraq with people killing Yazidis and Christians? Imag

Ladies: Benefits of Immigration to the Middle East

Ladies: time to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc?. The benefits: 1) Only men at the women's conferences; 2) You have to stay at home, so no need for money to travel, etc; 3) No bikinis, etc, hence massive savings on looking beautiful; 4) Easy clothes shopping: you can only wear black and you have to be covered from head to foot; 5) No make up required: no-one can see it; 6) No hairdos, in fact no hair: no-one can see it, think of the savings in hair products and haircuts; 7) You can't drive: think of the savings in car bills and petrol and maintenance costs. Your husband has to take the kids to school; 8) No choice of religion: this makes it so easy for you to choose which religion you want; 9) If you want to go out, a male relative has to accompany you, which makes it even easier for you to decide where to have dinner tonight; 10) No freedom of choice; your husband decides everything for you; so this makes your decision makin


Part of what I truly want is people to be consistent, to not be hypocritical and to not blame others when they have faults they still need to fix. Here is an article that explains this feeling: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Accuse Israel of Genocide By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach What do Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz know about genocide? Well, apparently enough to know that Israel is committing one in Gaza against the Palestinians and Hamas. But seeing their public declaration to that effect, I wondered about their immersion in the subject. What, for example, is their position on Erdogan’s Turkey on why it’s against the law to acknowledge the 1.5 million Armenians slaughtered by the Ottomans during the First World War? And what of the holocaust? Are Penelope and Javier, who are married, concerned about the repeat of the genocide of the Jews, especially since the Hamas charter explicitly calls for the murder of all Jews wherever they may be found, which is in fact a true ca

The air we breath

Thought for today: We all breathe the same air. The air is recycled, through trees, human bodies, animals, everything. We all breathe the same air. If you kill me because you hate me, even though I have done nothing to deserve this hate (i.e., I haven't killed your mother; I haven't shot your father; I haven't raped your sister; I haven't stoned your daughter; I haven't stolen your house after I declared your people abhorrent so that I could steal your goods; I haven't sworn at you; I haven't said you are evil) and I have been compassionate and I have been loving and I have freely given you goods and land as a "peace-exchange" and I have tried hard to understand and to therefore listen very carefully without any filters and without any judgement to what you have to say; But even after all this you still steal my livelihood and kill me and my people? Well even if you do this, you will still be breathing the same air that I breathed forever!