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If you don't vote you vote for the winner

South African Municipal Elections: 18th May 2011 If you don't vote you vote for the winner. Why? Assume 10 people are eligible to vote: * 4 vote for party A * 3 vote for party B * 3 don't vote If any of the 3 people who didn't vote had voted for party B, there would either have been a draw or party B could have one. Therefore by not voting, the 3 people who didn't vote automatically voted for the winner. Note that with 4 people voting for party A, party A gets 4/7 of the vote, ie 57% of the vote, not 40% of the vote as one might expect. So please vote today and in every future election. Have your say. Be heard. And in future, when you have a grievance, address it to the party you voted for. Otherwise you don't have a say and you aren't involved.

Impacting Goverment and Saving Money

Suppose that everyone bought a geyser timer and suppose that everyone set these to work outside peak hours. Users would send an immediate signal to Eskom that this peak energy is not required thus saving several new power stations. It's time for us to take responsibility for the costs that government incurs on our behalf. The fastest way for us to do this is to change our behaviour.