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Riots or Jobs?

This is what happens when government sees grants as the way to solve the unemployment crisis. 3.5 million taxpayers pay for everything and 17 million people get grants in South Africa. One day when government realise that they need to create an enabling environment for small business and when government realises that home owners and SMME's can make the electricity this country so sorely needs, we will be on a road to mending.

Westake, Statues, Electricity, and our City and Country

Dear all It took me 1 hour 40 mins to get to Westlake Business Park today. It normally takes 45 mins during traffic and 60 mins on a bad day and 30 mins without traffic. At least it kept the petrol companies happy! But it really destroyed the productivity of every business in Westlake today and possibly this entire week due to additional stress. Additional unnecessary stress after the recent fires in the area where people also couldn't get to work. Some of us really want to work and continue helping to make South Africa great - for ALL its people! For myself, I returned to SA back in July 1995. I left the OLD South Africa in 1987 and returned to the NEW South Africa in 1995, 20 years ago this year. As you all know, my blood type is B+ (be positive) and I am an optimist. I believe that if you are a cynic or pessimist, then you cannot survive in South Africa. South Afric

The Wealth (Rich and Poor) and Minimum Wage Debate

Question 1: I am 50 years old. I earn more than I did when i was 18 years old. After I left school, I studied a degree. Then I studied another one. Then I studied one part time for 2 years and basically stopped my life during those two years to do it. I went to work and came home and studied. Why should I earn the same as an 18 year old? Question 2: I work anything up to 60 to 80 hours a week. And every hour I work is a real hour. Why should I earn the same as someone who has a 9 to 5 job and perhaps only does 5 hours of real work in that time? Question 3: If I am wealthy, which itself is relative: I don't have a Mercedes; I don't have a yacht; I don't live in Bishopscourt or Fresnaye; I don't own a plane: then I use my money to better my life: I build houses, shopping centres, etc. I use my wealth to build stuff which allows other people to have jobs. If I earn more because 400 people have jobs because of me, then why should I earn the same as some

Pesach / Easter 2015: Energy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing’s Place in Judaism

I wrote this in 2007 for the Limmud Conference. It is applicable to Pesach / Passover / Easter, so I have published it here. I hope you enjoy it. Energy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing’s Place in Judaism Integrating Modern and Biblical Techniques Talk by David Lipschitz at Limmud 10 th August 2007; 26 th Av 5767 © David Lipschitz 2007. Permission is given for the making of extracts from this work, subject to the author being acknowledged. Energy Healing (Using Energy to heal) Just like planets, our human bodies possess energy fields .  These energy fields are called auras and can spread from the body to a few centimetres from the body to metres from the body.  Eg you may “feel someone’s presence” as the walk in to a room – and you want to be close to them. On the other hand, you sometimes find that you can’t stand too close to some people because they are draining you. These kinds of people are known as energy vampires. One notices energy when someone

David Lipschitz Easter Renewal Message 4th April 2015

Letter send to the people who I know in the City of Cape Town: To my dear friends in the City of Cape Town On this Easter weekend, a weekend of renewal, I thought these links might be of interest: By 2050, at least half of our electricity will be generated by us, homeowners, SMME's, ie Embedded Generation. We know it's going to happen; and we know it's happening: Renewable Embedded Electricity Generation will become the norm with "at least half of generation being embedded in the system generated by civic society". So why doesn't the City of Cape Town embrace this change? I know you are trying to increase electricity revenues as fast as possible, but at some point there will be a tax revolt. So why not increase rates revenues faster by getting more people to come and live sustainably in Cape