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15% of Americans live in Poverty

The Washington Post reports that 1 in seven Americans live in poverty. What happened to The American Dream? It is time to start implementing a Free Life On Earth .

RYW: David's new year message 5771

Greetings my friends, I have written a Rosh Hashanah and Eid Mubarak message which is applicable to my Jewish and Muslim friends at this time of year, and is also applicable to all my friends and everyone I know and/or who know me. It is here . It deals with my philosophy and shows how we can live in this life, not be apathetic or dead, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our cost of living for ourselves and this earth and think differently. Enjoy. Grab a cup of tea or coffee as it is 8 pages. There are bits in bold in each paragraph in case you'd like to have a quick scan. Sorry it is so long, but I haven't written for a long time and there is a lot to catch up on. I have recreated myself at MyPowerStation . You can read about how it happened on my PR page. The order of importance of the highlighting in the text is yellow, then green, then purple. The article refers to Genesis and Deuteronomy and our Constitution and President Jacob Zuma and Helen Zille a

The Oil Spill and Renewable Energy

In the same week we read of the terrible damage that oil production is doing to our world, and at the same time as the world's worst economic recession, we see hope: renewable energy. Here are some articles. Toxicologists warn that waters that look clear of oil can be deceiving Photos of the disaster. Also take a look at BP Oil Spill on Youtube for an interesting view of the oil spill. Renewable Energy at the Tipping Point "Over the past two years, the United States and Europe have both added more power capacity from renewables than from coal, gas, and nuclear combined, according to the report. Worldwide, renewables accounted for one-third of the new generating capacity added. Renewable energy, including hydropower, now provides 18 percent of total net electricity generation worldwide. Meanwhile, biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are making inroads in the transportation fuels market and are now equal to about 5 percent of world gasoline production. And in China,

Apathetic People and The (A) Messiah

I've been involved in various causes for decades. A few people take it upon themselves to make their world a better place. I've decided that "Apathetic people do what they like because one day the (or perhaps a) Messiah will come and save them." Do you agree with me? Do you agree that each of us has a piece of God inside us and therefore we have shared responsibilities to take care of our world?

My Power Station

My new sales and energy management web site is up and running. Take a look at My Power Station concerns internal (personal) and external (relationships, electricity) energy. Both of these types of energy are renewable, ie can and should be renewed. Renewed implies a time limit. The time limit should be reasonably short, eg 1 month to 10 years. Fossil fuel energies are "renewable" in the sense that it takes millions of years for trees to become coal and oil, but this stored energy is being released far too quickly into our atmosphere and the 20th Century Process is causing environmental destruction. We need a new process for the 21st Century. We don't want our children to think of us as living in The Age of Stupid. "Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance" is the question asked in the video. I believe we live in The Age of Procrastination. We don't understand something so we leave it for someone else.

RYW: Skills for Community Self Reliance Course

To my dear RYW BLOG readers I just attended a week long Ecovillages and Sustainable Community Design Course. It was brilliant. If you'd like more information, please email me or reply here. Love David PS: I will be prefixing these BLOGS with RYW in future. RYW stands for RepairYourWorld, my BLOG.

Oil Slicks and Slick Oil

Oil spills of the magnitude of the one in the Gulf don't just happen. A combination or series of errors and misjudgements leads to them. One could say that 100 years ago when we had electric cars before petrol cars that we should have stayed with electric cars, but we didn't. And recently BP tried to save money and at the same time drilled into pressures that have never been dealt with before and the latest oil spill is the result. Here's a short video that shows what might be going on. It concerns a coffee spill and 5.4 million people have watched it already. The latest BP oil slick isn't the only one in the Gulf and there are probably loads more elsewhere. Here is one that was toppled by Hurricane Ivan 6 years ago. It still leaks today to make a plume 10 miles long. If BP and the USA government and current technology can't control this, then what about the latest debacle? A huge undersea slick and with sea currents running at one to two knots, then I b

World Cup, Grid Tie, Net Metering, Ecovillages, Acid Mind Drainage

Dear all World Cup fever is here. I'm supporting Bafana Bafana and hope you are too. Kick off in an hour. Even if Bafana Bafana don't win, South Africa wins. The opening ceremony was great. Take a look at The Spectacular World Cup circle. Click anywhere in the circle and on the outside of the circle. An amazing bit of programming and a great reference. I thought you all might like to know that things are starting to change in South Africa with more and more people connecting grid tie systems. I met the Minister of the Environment in the Western Cape Province on Tuesday about grid tie and net metering and he wants me to come back and do a presentation to his department. I'm also currently doing quotes and working on proposals for systems of 2KW, 3KW, 5KW, 100KW and 1MW, so things are hotting up. If you're thinking about lowering your cost of electricity over the next 20 years and of getting security of supply, please contact me. I'm also in touch with a Solar

David Lipschitz on The Midday Report

See me on youtube: Questions from Chris Gibbons: How does Renewable Energy Feed In Work? Can every house feed electricity into the grid? Are we reinventing the wheel or has it been done before? How about wind energy? Why aren't we doing it in South Africa? Is NERSA colluding with ESKOM? Answers include: Monopoly; Power Purchase Agreement; Farmers; Job Creation; Different between renewable energy jobs and base load power station jobs.

Repair Your World: Energy Animations; 80 cents a mile or 2 cents a mile petrol; avoiding another economic crash

Dear all To see how geothermal and concentrated solar energy is manufactured and a bunch of other animations, take a look at ImageMaker Advertising's site . Also take a look at Shai Agassi talking about the new electric car.  Do we want to pay 80 US cents a mile or 2 US cents a mile for our fuel? How can we avoid another and more serious downturn than the one we are currently exiting? How can we have morality, ethics and a great economy at the same time? Watch the video and all will be revealed. Regards David

Repair Your World: Afrikaans Newspaper

Dear all For those Afrikaans readers amongst you, an article referring to me appears in yesterday's Rapport newspaper in the Sake24 section.  I was interviewed by the reporter on Friday. You can read the article in Afrikaans and English . I also just sent the following to the editor of the Cape Times (it was published - although rewritten): Acting deputy director-general of energy Ompie Aphane said last week that the latest tariff announcement will see the shortfall on Eskom's build programme increase from R34billion to R50billion (at ). Imagine if private industry and private households built this R50 billion for themselves using Net Metering and Retail Wheeling (transporting energy across the distribution network from a point of supply to a point of use).  South Africans are ready.  Is the government ready to take a giant leap for its citizens? Best regards David

Fwd: Repair Your World: Tai Chi Newsletter

Renewable Energy By David Lipschitz, 28th January 2010 The industrial revolution brought many changes. The discovery of oil; the steam engine; the ability to find large quantities of previously untouchable commodities including coal, oil, fish, forests, and other mined and natural products. Although these changes brought about wealth, equality, and democracy, they brought about an associated search for the fastest way to make money and this is at the expense of our one and only home, our planet. Part of the problem is that we haven’t looked deeply at our energy system to find ways that we can have the energy without the associated destruction. I get so irritated when we have all this energy outside. Sun, wind, rivers, tides, ocean currents. If only South Africa would use them! Tai Chi teaches that we need to live in harmony with nature by developing our own mental and spiritual harmony. I love Tai Chi because it allows me to meditate during the class. Just to be myself. To b