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Attack an idea; don't attack a person!

Attack an idea; don't attack a person! When people start attacking people, then I delete posts. If people persist in this behaviour then I unfriend them on Facebook (I'll still pray for their souls), no matter how interesting they are! If you want to explain something to me that you think I don't understand, then fair enough, go ahead. If a discussion is comparing R5,000 backup systems with R80,000 backup systems, then that is also fair enough. We know what we are paying for and we understand that there is a difference between a R5,000 system and an R80,000 system. I actually liked the discussion because my friend in India was telling me how he hacked a UPS and made it a whole lot better. I'd never heard of anyone doing this before and it excited me. Perhaps it was only going to be better for a week; I have no idea. But I am going to talk to him and I'm going to pursue this option, just out of curiosity and to see what we can do with a R5,000 system. Somet