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Online friendship

A post I just made on Facebook: Dear friends. Over the past few weeks, I've been realising that I've been spending way too long on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Part of the reason for this is because of all the time I put into "friendships". I thought I could reduce my number of Facebook friends from over 1,000 to 150 in one go, but after 3 go's last night I am at 473 friends. The 150 comes from one of Malcolm Gladwell's books where he says that it is impossible to have a true relationship with more than 150 people. For example a "company" in the army is usually 150 people for this reason. Well maybe 150 was the optimal number when the book was written or when personal relationships required physical presence and time. This is the 21st Century and who knows, maybe things have changed? Maybe 500 is workable now. And especially bearing in mind the approximately 8,000 contacts I still have in total on all my networks. But on Face