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Understand Electricity - Jargon Busting Electricity and Renewable Energy

Know what to say to your potential contractor or installer, Jargon Busting Renewable Energy and Electricity. Please follow Load Sheding Guru on Twitter: Shedding has two D's except on Twitter :) Please tweet this: Understand Renewable Energy. Online Training (Webinar) by  @LoadShedingGuru  .   #LoadShedding

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities: written by me: 18 April 2004 Every person has a right to life, a right to freedom of association, a right to freedom of religion, a right to liberty, a right to travel, a right to protection by the state, a right to equality, a right to an education, a right to freedom of speech. However, along with these rights come certain responsibilities: • A right to life implies the duty or responsibility to protect that right; the responsibility not to endanger the lives of others (without their consent); the responsibility not to murder; the responsibility not to violate others’ space, is not to commit adultery and not to steal; • A right to freedom of association implies the duty not to interfere with another’s organisation, unless it is physically interfering with you or endangering your way of life; • A right to freedom of speech implies the responsibility not to incite hate, not to cheat another person, not to lie and not to gossip; • A right to liberty i

"How can I be generous now?"

Dear all I just wrote this email to my Sangha, i.e. the group of people who I practice with at my local Buddhist Centre and I want to share it with everyone. Everything "private" in it is about me and my thinking, so I am happy to share it. The "Bodhisattva Project" is a program that the Kagyu Buddhist Centre in Kenilworth, Cape Town, started in 2010. Some of us have stuck it out and are in our sixth year. Some people have left and come back. Some new people have arrived and some have gone on other journeys. There are two ways to achieve Enlightenment. One way is the path of the Arhat. The Arhat's path is to achieve enlightenment for their own sake, although I must say that them being enlightened has a profound effect on the world. The other way to achieve Enlightenment is the path of the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva makes a commitment to achieve Enlightenment in order to help others. The Bodhisattva achieves enlightenment or Nirvana and then returns to

"This page intentionally left blank" - paradox

Light hearted thought for today. One of my favourite paradoxes of all time: "This page intentionally left blank". Actually the opposite page should say "The opposite page intentionally left blank."

Rhodes University Name Change Discussion

This from Rhodes University re the Rhodes University Name Change Discussion and the UCT students wanting the statue of Rhodes to be removed. VC acts swiftly to avoid racist storm at Rhodes New Rhodes University vice-chancellor, Dr Mabizela has acted and moved swiftly to diffuse a potential racism storm brewing on campus. Dr Mabizela, the Director of Student Affairs Division and SRC president held an open Student Body Forum to discuss transformation issues with hundreds of students on Thursday night. It was a very positive discussion with views and opinions expressed by all parties and stakeholders. “The debate was conducted in very good spirit. It went off without an incident. I’m very proud of our students and am so deeply honoured and privileged to be the Vice-Chancellor of this University. I’m confident that we can work through all the issues raised with all constituencies and stakeholders to make the best decisions for our University. I was deeply hurt by one student who made a ho

South African Job Opportunities hurting people

How Job Opportunities are hurting lives: A so called "Job Opportunity" destroyed our Gardener's working life, which he is now rebuilding. He used to work for us and for another 4 people. He also had painting jobs and other work. Then about 2.5 years ago he got a "Job Opportunity" with a contractor doing cleaning for the City of Cape Town. He suddenly had a regular income and apparently he earned more with them than before. And during this time his "wealth" increased and he incurred debts. He didn't realise he was on a contract and after a year the contract was renewed, but after the second year the contract was not renewed. Someone else got a "Job Opportunity" which as far as I can tell is illegal. You cannot simply replace someone with someone else in terms of our Conditions of Employment Act, but perhaps this Act doesn't apply to government! As far as we know, he currently only has one job: us!! This "entrepreneur&q

Israel Apartheid Week and my Friend's Frank's comments

Frank displayed a Israel Apartheid week poster on his Facebook page and said the following to a comment on his page: " I am afraid not all Jews share your views - there are many in Israel and outside of Israel that support the view that Israel's behaviour towards the Palestinians has been nothing less than atrocious." I am Jewish and perhaps I should hate and be a coward, blaming others and not addressing my problems. or the problems at home, e.g. with electricity, corruption, joblessness, etc. But I forgive, but I don't forget. I have regrets, but almost no guilt. Guilt is in the moment. Regret is because of something that happened long ago that I was guilty about for a while. If I still had that guilt I would have learnt nothing. God's very first lesson is forgiveness. And that should be our very first lesson. Our next lesson is in the 10th Commandment, do not covet: do not get angry; do not be jealous. Buddhists say these things are Mind Poisons and I agr