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South Africa: an interesting place

South Africa: an interesting place: Pilots stole planes and no one noticed: SAAF South African Airforce Gripen Fighter Jets in Long Term Storage And if you wanted to know what Submarines are for? They are for chasing away sharks:

Protect The Past: letter in the Cape Times on Thursday 18th February 2016

Letter in the Cape Times on Thursday 18th February 2016 after the students burnt paintings, art and other objects at the University of Cape Town: Protect The Past One of the reasons we know so little about the past is because it has been destroyed and burnt so often. And then we have people who spend huge amounts of time trying to find out about their past or the world's past or the universe's past. We should be past destroying the past, so that we can fully understand the present, and always remember the good and bad of the past. And one person's "good" past might be another person's "bad" past. If we are to grow and eliminate racism and other challenges in our society, we must protect the past, perhaps move it to a special museum, but never destroy it. It will always be there!