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Vaccines and Standards

People have stopped trusting vaccines because people have stopped trusting. As standards are constantly eroded, this phenomenon gets worse. Standards should be improving, not getting worse. And Corruption is a biggy and a big result of lowering standards. High standards imply high morals and high ethics. Hence my question: "Why are there grades in schools today? Because there aren't standards anymore!" Standards to Grades => Standard -> Grade => Standard Grade! Video filmed on 6/6/12

South Africa's decline worst of nations not at war, according to Eunomix Business & Economics.

Re: I don't believe that a declining "elite that wields little political influence", i.e. an indirect reference to whites, is fair. The State is not following its own policies. If it did, it would not be in this mess. Instead the State continuously changes its mind, and puts local investors out of business, whilst continuously relying on investors and international banks from outside the country. There are solutions to the crisis, and they are in South Africa's policy documents (white papers) and the National Development Plan. Of-course, having a President, with a Junior School education, for 10 years, didn't help the situation. In School, one has to follow the "rules". These rules included massive centralisation of decision making, e.g. Local Municipalities had their own mayors in Cape Town; now there is one mayor for 4 million people. Thi

Philanthropy in South Africa

Dear all A lot of people blame rich people for the things they have done to the planet, and yes, some bad things have happened. People in South Africa love to blame people who were here before 1994, for taking and not for giving. Yet, I see a lot that was given: The Kruger National Park; The Rondebosch Common; Ysterplaat Airforce Base; Kirstenbosch Gardens; Rhodes Memorial; The Table Mountain National Park; The Cape Point National Park; Wide Roads and Boulevards; so many endowed Universities, even by people such as Carnegie (America's Steel King), and other "bad" people. And more recently: Free Wifi in Most Public (Private) Places; Cell Phones with an immense amount of free software; Wikipedia (a free online encyclopedia). I see companies spending Billions on "fixing the mistakes of the past." But I don't see this ANC government, or its leaders, doing anything other than lining their pockets and enhancing their own lives. Has Patrice Motsepe endowe

Take and Give. Pesach and Redemption.

Dear all Normally we are told to give and take. It is interesting because our very first breath after we are born is an out breath, not an in breath. Although this is counter-intuitive, Kabbalistically we are told that the reason for this is because we are givers before we are takers. My ex-wfie was a taker. I am a giver. It was a recipe for disaster. When people ask me for marriage advice, I say you must both be takers, like my parents, or both be givers, like my wife, Mirjana, and I. A giver and taker? Difficult. The giver gives until there is nothing left to give, and then the giver gives their soul, and becomes a slave. Perhaps I should have called this article Take and Take. This is how my world seems at the moment. My world is the day to day world of life in South Africa. It seems to me that Colonialism (defined narrowly (locally, micro, in my mind) or broadly (normally, macro, in the world)) involves pushing people down, making them feel insecure, making their sel

Willing our future

God gives us will. But he also give us temptation. Why is this? Why does God give us Will and Temptation? Because God gives us Choice. Choice for Free Will and Free-dom (Free-domininion) and Choice for Temptation and going down into Darkness. We use our will to overcome our temptation. We are free to choose. If you believe in Karma, then you have an easier choice. Temptation drags us down into the lower world, the world of the unconscious, or into the world of the Collective Unconscious. Will helps us rise (or emerge) above into the world of the lower conscious and middle conscious and superconscious and then into the world of light. Evil is the opposite (spelt backwards) of live. Evil is down-wards. Live is up-wards. When we sleep we are in the world of the lower conscious. In this world we can tap into universal wisdom and universal knowledge and get the answers to our deepest questions. "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil", from Psalm 23,