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I am who you need me to be in this moment - Shemot - DAWS Episode 13

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Bereishit - Genesis

Which herd are you in?

Medication or Recovery - Injection or Immunity - Work or Relax

Medication or Recovery - Injection or Immunity - Work or Relax   Why does our system demand that we are at work tomorrow, even if it means we have long term illness, or that we get worse illnesses than if we just took a 3 day or one week or two week break now, so that we aren't broken later on?

Blue Mondays or Blue Fridays; Incredible Mondays or Incredible Fridays?

a Nega becomes an Oneg: Can we see the benefits of Covid and Lockdown?

"South Africa and the variant discovered there offer a powerful example. Recent research suggests that the highly contagious variant is less responsive to at least four vaccines." This from the New York Times. Like I've said. There is a solution that no-one is looking at. It's in my video and in my book, A User Manual for Life On Earth. The book contains R130 million of Research over a 22 year period. It is available for $4.95 or you can get it free if you can't afford the $4.95. If you get more value out of it, then you can pay more, eg buy another book at a higher price.