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Mindfulness and Relaxation training using Tai Chi, Energy Work, Discussion, stretching, lower body strength, and other training, by David Lipschitz

I come to you if you're in Cape Town, and by special arrangement I travel further afield, usually for a day or longer of Tai Chi and Mindfulness. If you're prepared to have Tai Chi in a public place, then I can invite people at a lower rate and I give you part of their fee back as a rebate. You underwrite the class, and if it's only you, you have 100% of my time. Or we can still have class in a public place, with only you. I am an Ancient Wisdom expert, a scientist with two BSc degrees and an MBA. I've run my own software development and energy consulting business for 30 years, and I've learnt how to integrate healthy choices with a busy schedule. 22 May 2022: Note that with rising interest rates and cost of living, I have reduced my prices, and I pray that this helps you to do this amazing activity. The R500 reduced class fee is for up to 3 people in the same family or