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Nuclear or Coal Power or The Roof Top Owner Utility?

Preface My name is David Lipschitz . I am a software developer and a researcher, researching Energy in its widest possible sense, but narrowed to Energy used by the people of South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho. I bring you Powerful Energy Knowledge based on my knowledge, based on Software, Energy and Power . Introduction This article represents a Balance Sheet, taken on 23rd November 2013, of my  knowledge  and making recommendations as to how I see rapid sustainable employment in Southern Africa and the world . The main points in this article are: Scaleability , e.g. building a 3 KW (3,000 Watt; 3 KiloWatt) house (roof top) power station and scaling it to 30 GW, (30,000,000,000 Watt; 30 GigaWatt); 10 million houses * 3 kW = 30 GW. " Localisation ", i.e. in the narrow definition of " Jobs in Clean Energy " OR the wider definition of " Jobs in the General Economy because of Jobs (Investment) in Clean Energy "? 11 million people need to b

Fracking, Food, Freedom, Fairness, and Water

According to the Cape Times today, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa says she "wants what is best for South Africa without damaging water resources" and she has "Gazetted" that Fracking be put on South Africa's political agenda. I pray that she means this. If I heard the DOE or any other department saying this I wouldn't believe it. I would think that they want what is best for the mining or energy industry. But if Minister Molewa says that she, as the Minister in charge of Protecting the Environment, wants what is best for South Africa, and if she wants to be "objective" then I suppose we should believe her. I'm just a bit shocked that she is the one who has notified the public of what has been Gazetted, although on the other hand, I guess if she tells us, then we should believe we are in good hands! It is interesting that there is another article in the same newspaper which says that South African legislation i

Tesla Model S: Gallons of Light: Private people making adverts for the cars they love!!