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The Exhodus after the Flood: Miracles and Plagues (Va-era 5769)

Tikkun Jacob Forum - Repair Your World - Miracles - Va'era 23rd Jan 2009; 27th Tevet 5769 Blog at If you have been forwarded this email, then you can subscribe to my email list at this link. When one has a relationship with G-d, one knows He exists. One feels it constantly and one is reminded of it daily. It could start with simply thanking G-d for all the gifts He continuously bestows upon us. These may be food, money, security, family, children, friends, work, play, the stars, the earth, water. But when they start including something we take for granted like electricity and we start thanking G-d for electricity every day, we might start thinking, where does the electricity come from? Who makes it? What happens when we turn on the light? How come the light turns on? Was the fire just started that turns on the light? Or was the fire on all day just in case someone turns on a light? Imagine wanting to braai (BBQ) for your family