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Friendship, Noah and The Flood, Toldot

28th November 2008; 1 Kislev 5769 Dear all In this recessionary time, people need each other more than ever. Many people are contemplating suicide as a way out of their predicament. Some have already taken this step. Their families may never understand. Please please share your problems with your friends and family. Take your spouse for a walk and tell them there is a problem. If you need money, tell your family and friends. If you need to talk, then just talk. If you've told your local school that you can't afford the fees and then go and buy an expensive pair of jeans or go on holiday, please keep your problems to yourself! And to the friends. Keep all your friends' confidences. If someone tells you something that you think they shouldn't know, say "I didn't know." One of the reasons for sharing is so that you can get help to step out of your vicious circle of worry and see things from a different angle. Especially at this depressing and r