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Should we be Facebook friends just because we have lots of Facebook friends in common?

You are probably all aware that Facebook suggests friends. Over the past few weeks, I've been friending everyone where I have more than 100 friends in common. I used to do it above 50 friends, then 60, 70, 80, 90 and now 100 friends. I thought that if we have 100 friends in common on Facebook then we probably have something in common. But I have discovered this not to be the case. Counter-intuitive? The fact that we have perhaps a hundred friends in common doesn't make us friends. It just makes us people with 100 friends in common. It could be because the other person is a famous person, or famous in their field and so lots of people are connected to them. It doesn't make them a "friend". I have very few really close friends, probably like many of you, i.e. people with whom I can share anything. And then I have the regulars on Facebook with whom I communicate almost daily and then I have followers who want to know what I post, but don't want to frien

VW: a classic case of strategic malfunction!

Why did VW cheat? They said that EV's and Hybrids were a waste of time!! And that diesels were the way to go. They dug themselves in so deep in this (stupid) ethos that they "had" to start cheating to keep proving themselves (wrong)!! A classic case of strategic malfunction.

Happy New Year 5776: Meeting the strangers in our lives

I thought that everyone should know that whilst the ANC distances itself from Israel, other parties are actually going there and seeing for themselves what's going on. As we approach the Jewish New Year tomorrow (Sunday) night and Monday, we must remember that we are all strangers to each other. We are even strangers to ourselves, hence Buddhist Bodhisattva training and introspection and meditation. It is time for us to understand the strangers in our midst, be they ourselves, in our families, our cousins and uncles and aunts, our neighbours, the people with whom we work, and even our "enemies." Many of our enemies are simply those that we just don't know or don't care about or don't understand. I heard a beautiful message by someone who wrote to John Matham on 567 Cape Talk last night where this someone said that after 9/11 he went to his local Mosque and said to the Imam that he would like to join in Friday lunch time prayers. He is an American person