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Tikkun Jacob Forum: Making the world whole

Dear all The following essay below (Subject: FW: What would you do????) shows mans humanity to his fellow man. I use it to ask you all if there is anyone who needs your humanity and support right now in the middle of the worst economic crisis since 1974 and perhaps since the great depression? If so, call them and offer your help without delay. Even if you don't know that they need your help, tell them you are there for them a a friend, 24 hours a day. I wish you all a happy festive season and no matter what happens in the economy next year, I wish us all G-dspeed as we navigate our businesses, lives and relationships in the troubled waters in which the world finds itself. We have had our modern day flood of rising paper money, or actually invisible internet money and it has caused massive inflation in stock markets, house prices, and food and cost of living. The illusion that goes with that is of prosperity, but when the dam bursts and the flood recedes, vaste damage is d

Tikkun Jacob Forum: Gossip, Lies and The Bible (Shmod 5769)

By David Lipschitz, 15th January 2009, Shabbat Shemot 13th Tevet 5769 (16th January 2009) 6th January 2018 (18th Tevet 5778) When one writes an essay which uses the Bible as a reference, and if one is Jewish, then one is always meant to refer to the Parashah or portion of the week that we read each week. This week it is Shmot which is very appropriate to what I wish to write about today because Shmot means "names." Shmot starts with the names of the 12 sons of Jacob who became the 12 tribes of Israel. One's name is all that one has. For someone to slander that name is unacceptable. For someone else to transmit that slander is more unacceptable. One's name is the most beautiful word in the world. One's name (reputation) takes years to build up and can be erased in minutes through careless banter. Here are some quotes re gossip ("to talk about the private affairs of others") and lying (I equate the two): Friedrich Nietzsche: I'm not upset that

Nikki Haley to UN on Jerusalem. Dec 21, 2017. UN General Assembly meetin...

Nikki Haley at UN General Assembly on America embassy in Jerusalem (C-SPAN)

Desalination Costs coming down.

  "Israeli scientists work to make desalination more efficient and affordable, among them, developed a chemical-free system using porous lava stone to capture the microorganisms before they reach the membranes. It's just one of the many breakthroughs in  membrane technology that have starkly lowered the cost of desalination. Desalination used to be an expensive energy hog, but the scientists changed the game. Inside Sorek, the Israeli desalination plant that is the world's largest and most advanced, it costs just a third of what it did in the 1990s to desalinate sea water. Sorek can produce a thousand liters of drinking water for 58 cents. Israeli households pay about US$30 a month for their water - similar to households in most U.S. cities, and far less than Las Vegas (US$47) or Los Angeles (US$58)."


27 October 2017 SA Water Institute on Western Cape water crisis The water sector is filled with scientists and engineers that are trained to design, operate, and maintain a very complex system that needs to collect, treat, and distribute water to sustain life and business for South African citizens. Some of the challenges that these professionals face do indeed stem from unethical practices in both the public and private sector, but the current drought crisis adds an environmental component that places the existing water structures under extreme pressure. Water professionals have already been consulted in all possible alternative supply methods – including greywater reuse, stormwater harvesting, groundwater management, water efficiency at the city and in businesses, managed aquifer recharge, desalination, and wastewater reclamation as options. The city has also now adopted water sensitive design principles and we hope they lead the way for the rest of South Africa around integ

Water Abundance in Cape Town?

CAPE TOWN NEEDS THREE MEGA WATER PROJECTS FOR FUTURE ABUNDANCE Cape Town. For immediate release: A new water crisis initiative has been launched to identify and push through three multi-billion rand projects to restore water security to Cape Town. The aim is to move the agenda from a focus on water scarcity to one of abundance. The new initiative is being launched following a meeting in Cape Town on Thursday of the Water Leapathon Advisory Board, a strategy forum which brings together representatives of business, academia, government, labour and concerned citizens. “We have two areas of focus,” said Cape Messenger CEO Martin Humphries, who chaired the forum. “In the short term we will help with getting the message across, and helping to mobilise businesses and individuals to take steps to cut water consumption. “For this, we will identify examples of success, and share them. “We are also convinced that there needs to be more thought about the long term.” He said th

A failed state?

From  Anthony Turton  on Facebook In a previous post I noted that the water situation across the whole country is deteriorating in a domino effect of incompetence and political infighting. I suggested that we are seeing state failure happen as the fabric of social control is being ripped apart. I then suggested that three critical areas should be monitored for the lessons learned: 1) Cape Town - for proactive intervention as a narrative of scarcity is converted into a narrative of future abundance; 2) Port Shepstone (Ugu) - for a failed state scenario; 3) and Gauteng - for a major city that has lost its water security due to state capture activities, that will inevitably plunge the local economy into increasing crisis as a result of the loss of resilience, but could still be turned around if credible leadership emerges in time. This post is about (2) Ugu, where we now have a form of water war underway. The water war literature is broadly divided into two g

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At One Ment

The 10 days between the Jewish New Year and The Day of Atonement (At One Ment) are called the 10 days of Penitence and they are a special time of the year when we ask for forgiveness from our friends, colleagues and anyone else we may have wronged, or who may have wronged us, ... or simply where we have erred. Of-course we should ask for forgiveness as soon as someone has hurt us or as soon as we have hurt someone or more likely as soon as we have hurt ourselves. We need to go through this forgiveness of each other and ourselves (our selfs = our souls = our bodies = our minds = our MeODeCha (all that we are) (our "muchness")) because on the Day of Atonement we need to stand close up before G-d in G-d's Throne Room (KiSei KeVoDeCha)) and ask for forgiveness as G-d looks at our deeds and misdeeds and the things we know and don't know about ourselves and decides on our future. (Johari Window.) A Kabbalist approach is that when we hurt ourselves or when

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Free Life On an Abundant Planet My dream is FLAP: Free Life on an Abundant Planet. Let's start with the basics: Free electricity Free potable water Free sewerage: all waste recycled into the system Free food Free shelter (housing) We might have to spend and do work to get this far. If we do it we will then have more free time. And once we have more free time, we will have more freedom and we can then look at the other things that we need to make our lives freeer. Join me . We need to look at the way we do things. We can't continue to think the same way to solve our problems. Are we ready?