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The Oil Spill and Renewable Energy

In the same week we read of the terrible damage that oil production is doing to our world, and at the same time as the world's worst economic recession, we see hope: renewable energy. Here are some articles. Toxicologists warn that waters that look clear of oil can be deceiving Photos of the disaster. Also take a look at BP Oil Spill on Youtube for an interesting view of the oil spill. Renewable Energy at the Tipping Point "Over the past two years, the United States and Europe have both added more power capacity from renewables than from coal, gas, and nuclear combined, according to the report. Worldwide, renewables accounted for one-third of the new generating capacity added. Renewable energy, including hydropower, now provides 18 percent of total net electricity generation worldwide. Meanwhile, biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are making inroads in the transportation fuels market and are now equal to about 5 percent of world gasoline production. And in China,