Friday, 13 February 2015

Virgin Mobile losing their virginity

Mr Richard Branson
Virgin Group of Companies.
Somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Dear Mr Branson

There is a block of flats up the road.

We receive the mail for a Virgin Mobile client who lives in this block of flats.

I won't use real names, but the address says:

VirginBlockOfFlats 14 Virgin Street.

We live in Virgin (not real name) Street.

We get the mail for VirginBlockOfFlats (not real name) 14 because the post man (post person?) sees 14 Virgin Street instead of 14 VirginBlockOfFlats, even though the post man can plainly see that we don't have a block of flats at 14 Virgin Street, and even though we have asked him to deliver the owner at 14 VirginBlockOfFlats mail to her, but maybe we have a new post man.

We have asked the person living at 14 VirginBlockOfFlats to get this fixed. We have had this problem repeatedly with various accounts during the 19 years we have been "almost neighbours", but with Virgin for the past few years since she opened her Virgin account.

We have "Returned to Sender" with the correct address written on the envelope several times, and today I phoned 123, the Virgin's free call centre number (I am also a Virgin Mobile user) and two people in the call centre told me there is NOTHING they can do.

I find this especially bad, because the Main "Business Virgin" (Richard Branson) calls his staff CHAMPS and says "YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND."

Of-course this might be applicable somewhere in the Galaxy, but it isn't applicable in South Africa.

I don't want to change someone else's address. I just want Virgin Galactic or Mobile, which ever, to change

VirginBlockOfFlats 14


14 VirginBlockOfFlats.

I really like Virgin Mobile for a whole lot of reasons. One reason is that if they can't find Cell C (their normal host carrier), then they automatically connect to Vodacom or MTN. This means that I have coverage in South Africa where everyone has coverage.

And usually their staff are courteous and efficient. But the first CHAMP I spoke to today put the phone down on me after I asked to speak to her supervisor.

The Second CHAMP I spoke to said all the supervisors are in a meeting. She said that if I don't take the mail to the correct address that I would be liable for the invoice! She could have said, "Give me the account number and I'll phone the owner and clear this up", but I guess this isn't in her script. Nor has she learnt the Virgin way to WOW customers.

I look forward to this issue being resolved.

This is not an address "change". It is simply the moving of a number from the end of a line to the beginning of a line.

Yours faithfully,

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