Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fwd: Repair Your World: Tai Chi Newsletter

Renewable Energy
By David Lipschitz, 28th January 2010

The industrial revolution brought many changes. The discovery of oil; the steam engine; the ability to find large quantities of previously untouchable commodities including coal, oil, fish, forests, and other mined and natural products.

Although these changes brought about wealth, equality, and democracy, they brought about an associated search for the fastest way to make money and this is at the expense of our one and only home, our planet.

Part of the problem is that we haven’t looked deeply at our energy system to find ways that we can have the energy without the associated destruction. I get so irritated when we have all this energy outside. Sun, wind, rivers, tides, ocean currents. If only South Africa would use them!

Tai Chi teaches that we need to live in harmony with nature by developing our own mental and spiritual harmony. I love Tai Chi because it allows me to meditate during the class. Just to be myself. To bask in the knowledge that I have a contribution to make. And to share in the beauty of our planet.

The sun’s energy can be used directly to heat, cool, and cook. The sun’s energy together with wind and other sources of energy can be used to make electricity.

As Solar Water heating is high on the agenda, here are some of the terms you might consider: flat panel or evacuated tube; thermosyphon or pumped; pumped using a photovoltaic panel or electricity; direct or indirect systems; mountings and connections to your existing system; replacing your geyser or keeping it (retrofit); the Eskom rebate; approved installers; electrical backup; remote temperature control; costs and efficiencies. Different systems work better in different situations. Email me for details on how to choose a solar geyser.

Make a difference right now: halve your meat intake. Vegetables are a raw source of energy and nutrients, not processed by animals into meat. Production of meat and coal mining are the biggest contributors to environmental destruction. Install insulation in your roof. Use much less air-conditioning and heating. Look for low wattage appliances so that fewer power stations are needed. Install a solar geyser. Demand that government spends our money on energy efficiency and renewables rather than more fossil fueled power stations.

My company, Orbital RE, specializes in helping organizations survive the energy crisis. Contact me on