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Outlawing Private Police Forces in South Africa - and Analogies with Private Electricity and Water Infrastructure - The Failure of States

A Labour Day essay ... On Workers Day, Mayday, or Labour Day, we need to think carefully, with a lot of care, about workers and the right of workers to have work and to be compensated for that work, and for the workers to have rights at work, and not to be slaves at work. (Just a note that I am in a party of one, a people of South Africa. I am not a member of a "union". And note that I mostly work without breaks and long hours and often on public holidays and over weekends, and I haven't had a proper holiday since January 2016. But that's ok, and perhaps I'll write a separate article about that. One should note that Unions protect workers; they do nothing for the unemployed. It is assumed that The State will look after the Unemployed and that The State will create conditions so that the Unemployed are unemployable and join unions.) In 2004, government tried to outlaw private security companies. In those days they were called Neighbourhood Watches. They mainly us…