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NERSA's REFIT phase 2

Dear all

Please see Engineering News for information about NERSA's phase 2 Feed In Tariffs.

They have added Photovoltaic energy production, but it is still only for systems bigger than 1MW thus excluding private houses and small and medium sized businesses. The rate is R3.94 per kwh.



Here is a message from FLOE, Free Life On Earth. I am the chairperson of this Non Profit Organisation. Ninette, our vice chairperson has written this for us.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTIONFirstly, just a reminder about International Day of Climate Action taking place this Saturday. So far, 4227 actions are planned to take place in 170 countries across the world. Footage will be taken to the world leaders at Copenhagen in December. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR LIFE ON EARTH!Find an action near you, here on ALL CAPETONIANS!!!FLOE is endorsing two specific "350" actions which will take place in Cape Town this Saturday:
1. Human 350 to be Filmed From Air on Table Mountain [see ]; and 2. Cape Town City 350 Celebration [see: ] (paint yourself red and walk from Parliament to Gard…