Saturday, 7 February 2015

Learning from History

President Zuma blames Apartheid and says that Land Seizures are now required. Farmers can have maximum 12,000 hectare farms or two farms.

My comments ...

Blame is one of our oldest emotions and it starts with anger, jealously and coverting another person's stuff. The Old Testament has a law against it, "thy shalt not covet". In Buddhism, Anger and Jealousy are considered to be Mind Poisons. And in my opinion, depression generally, is caused by one person feeling less than another person.

The word blame appears in google 207 million times. Jealously 39 million times. Jealous 117 million. Anger 172 million times. Angry 440 million times.

History has shown that land (asset) seizures are always a requirement when a government has failed its people!

It chooses one or more scapegoats and blames them for all its ills, whilst telling the rest of its people that it is right and that they MUST continue voting for the government to get their rights.

This is often done by adding secrecy laws and then enacting draconian measures to ensure that the government stays in power and this usually happens "democratically", i.e. the people who aren't INITIALLY effected by these measures, agree to them.

This government then takes those people's property which increases the government's wealth incredibly, and therefore to keep the "electorate", ie its supporters happy. But this "ponzi-scheme" typically lasts 15 to 100 years at which point the country goes insolvent and is usually taken over by another country. During the 15 to 100 years, typically millions more people either become poor / destitute, or leave the country, or are murdered by the regime / dictatorship / kingdom.

One should note that poor people are often self sufficient. They might not have electricity, but they also might own land and be completely self-sufficient in food, shelter, clothing, etc. But they are deemed "poor" because they don't have electricity and therefore don't contribute to the fiscus!

What I don't understand is how this supports what President Zuma said at Davos last month, "South Africa" is open for business"?

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