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Decisions. Why people are apathetic.

The following question came up on Facebook today:

"We live in chaos everyday of our lives. Confronted and having to deal with social and political issues festering, making us as a people sick. The puppies non confrontational and innocent. Not difficult to understand why they get more likes. I am aware of fracking, also aware of rape, murder, load shedding and SONA and yes the beggar on the corner. Which flag to hold up? Where to give and how much to take."

And here is my answer:

Its easy.

Decide that you want to retire asap. Then make your own electricity, find your own water, work with your neighbours and friends on food and clothing, pay off your house and car, dramatically reduce your cost of living, and then you are retired.

And at the same time as this, you have done your bit for the environment and unpolluted your mind.

Do one small thing each day towards this vision. It is my vision and it is working for me. My wife and I implemented it in 1999. We aren't there yet, but each year we get closer to our goal.


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