Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wars: why pick on Gaza?

I've been trying hard not to say anything about Gaza, and to focus on the things that I actually know about, e.g. Computer Programming and South Africa's Electricity Crisis, but someone just compared the current Power and Water outage in Utrecht, Natal with Gaza. He said: "Imagine what its like in Gaza".

And I replied:

What exactly has Gaza got to do with Utrecht? Especially when 1000's of trucks have taken aid and supplies into Gaza through the Israeli border crossing? Especially when 1000's of tons of concrete was supplied by Israel and was used to build tunnels instead of schools?

Or perhaps you meant to add:

Imagine what its like in Israel with thousands of rockets raining down on you? Imagine what its like to have to live within 15 seconds of a Bomb Shelter? Imagine what its like with people jumping out of tunnels highjacking your children?

Maybe you meant to add:

Imagine what its like in Iraq with people killing Yazidis and Christians?

Imagine what its like in Sudan?

Imagine what its like in Zimbabwe which in some parts only has an hour or two of electricity per day? And a lot of Africa is like this! But no one says anything.

Imagine what its like in 50 other hotspots in the world?

I really don't mind you picking on Gaza. I just mind that you leave everything else out!

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