Friday, 1 August 2014

The air we breath

Thought for today:

We all breathe the same air. The air is recycled, through trees, human bodies, animals, everything. We all breathe the same air.

If you kill me because you hate me, even though I have done nothing to deserve this hate (i.e., I haven't killed your mother; I haven't shot your father; I haven't raped your sister; I haven't stoned your daughter; I haven't stolen your house after I declared your people abhorrent so that I could steal your goods; I haven't sworn at you; I haven't said you are evil) and I have been compassionate and I have been loving and I have freely given you goods and land as a "peace-exchange" and I have tried hard to understand and to therefore listen very carefully without any filters and without any judgement to what you have to say; But even after all this you still steal my livelihood and kill me and my people?

Well even if you do this, you will still be breathing the same air that I breathed forever!

So its time for us all to forgive each other and to move forward on this planet in the middle of an infinite universe amongst infinite universes in a multiverse.

I firmly believe that our neighbours out there are peace loving, no matter what Hollywood thinks of them. And I firmly believe that the day there is real peace in the whole world for 1 second at exactly the same time, we will meet our friends, who are out there, just waiting for us to wake up.

May we all discover our Buddha nature, which is buried deep within each of us; within every single one of us, even amongst people who are unconscious in their actions.

May the Infinite One who causes peace to reign in the high heavens let peace descend on all of us, and on all the world, and let us say, Amen.

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