Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ladies: Benefits of Immigration to the Middle East

Ladies: time to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc?.

The benefits:
1) Only men at the women's conferences;
2) You have to stay at home, so no need for money to travel, etc;
3) No bikinis, etc, hence massive savings on looking beautiful;
4) Easy clothes shopping: you can only wear black and you have to be covered from head to foot;
5) No make up required: no-one can see it;
6) No hairdos, in fact no hair: no-one can see it, think of the savings in hair products and haircuts;
7) You can't drive: think of the savings in car bills and petrol and maintenance costs. Your husband has to take the kids to school;
8) No choice of religion: this makes it so easy for you to choose which religion you want;
9) If you want to go out, a male relative has to accompany you, which makes it even easier for you to decide where to have dinner tonight;
10) No freedom of choice; your husband decides everything for you; so this makes your decision making so much easier. You can meditate knowing that you are being taken care of;
11) Making love: don't feel like it tonight? Don't worry, your husband can get up to 4 wives.

Feel better now? Good. This is what we all have to look forward to if the way of life we had in the Dark and Middle Ages wins out over our current way of life.

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