Saturday, 1 February 2014

The law.

Has anyone read the article in the Tabletalk (or the other free local papers) about the guy who wants to recycle the Turpentine? And he wrote to OffMyTrolley (Brian Joss) to ask what to do and Brian wrote to the City (Water department, etc) and asked what to do.

The City of Cape Town says there is nothing they can do to help because there is no law about Turpentine recycling!!

If we need laws for everything we do, then I think it is time for new leadership.

Doing the right thing should be way above the law! The reason the City wants to develop Princess Vlei and the Philippi Horticultural Area is because they can do this in terms of the law they uphold, but are they doing the right thing? And what about the law for the rest of us? Why are there different "laws"?

So the law is the law, but it doesn't imply ethics and it doesn't imply responsibility and it doesn't imply doing the right thing!

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