Friday, 14 February 2014

Security Systems

Note the house in the middle of the water. This guy wanted to actually build the house 2 feet higher than it is and the planners said no! So he said, ok, and he built his own Berm around his property. The neighbours laughed at him until it started raining!

We need to protect ourselves from events that can happen this year, before we concern ourselves about retirement! And if we have systems to supply our own water and electricity and deal with our own sewerage, then we will in effect already be retired for these components of our existence.

What if these bad winter storms and terrible weather in the UK and USA hit South Africa in our coming Winter? It could be much hotter (like in Sochi) and it could be much colder and wetter.

The only way we can protect ourselves is if we decide that local water and electricity backup should be a core component of our security protection systems, just like alarms, gates, insurance, etc.

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