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Why we are here

Answering the big questions! Why are we here? What is our mission? What does God want from us? How do we meet God whilst we are still alive? How do we travel to meet our Galactic Neighbours amongst trillions of stars in millions of galaxies?

The world is given to us to manage so that our children can inherit it, in a better shape than we found it. That is our mission, plain and simple.

It is in Genesis chapter 1, verse 28, which says that we should "go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth." If we are to be like the sand on the beach, is this by having children? Or is it by having ideas?

We are given two tools. Temptation and Free Will.

Temptation includes things like Gas, Oil, Uranium, Coal. Fossils that fossilise our thinking. Things we can dig out of the ground and burn. And so we are just pyromaniacs! And temptation includes Corruption, Money Laundering, Rape, Taking things that don't belong to us; Slander; Undermining others; etc.

Free WIll is when you override your mind, so that you can do the things that you set out for yourself. Free will is not about temptation, although you might think you are free when you have free will.

If you want to run a marathon, and you sleep late, you won't get there. You need to use your free will to wake up at 4am and go for a 2 or 3 hour run before work. Every day! Free will wakes up your self-esteem. And it make it impossible for someone to push you down.

If you want to make the world a safer place for your kids, then you need to drive properly (no temptation to speed, or talk on your cell phone, or carry too many people), and you need to clean up your act. When you clean up your act you have sanity, sanitation, and you feel sane. The Department of Sanitation is insane, because it doesn't want to share. Sharing is at the core of Free Will. If I can do something, then I have a responsibility to show you how to do it.

If you listen to people, you are more likely to be informed, If you are informed, you will be in-form-ation. Your form will be good. Listen implies using your ear. When you listen and understand you say "I see" because you see in your mind. That is why books and stories are so much better than movies. You have an opportunity to see things in your mind's eye, that the movie director or writer, never saw, or couldn't portray.

If you listen and use your ear, you have heart. Ear is in Heart. Art is in Heart. Hear is in Heart. No coincidence. Because if we use our heart and if we have a heart, then we have a heart for things, and we can use our ear and hear and art to create a better, cleaner, world.

If we fear, then it is because we missed dear and never got to e-ear, and went straight to fear. But if we get our mind into gear (with free will), then we will hear what is out there. And there is so much. (ear plus prefix d, e, f, g, h)

If we want to fulfil our only mission on earth, then we need to use our ear, which is also in earth. And by listening to the heart of the matter, we hear the heartbeat of our mother, earth, and we are able to exercise free will and we are able to ignore temptation and not be tempted. We stop ignoring things that we feel are unimportant. If we ignore then we are ignorant.

But if we want to fulfil our only mission on earth, which is to leave the earth in a better condition than we found it, then our mission is cut out for us.

Some might say that God gave us the earth to plunder, but if we plunder it then we go under.

And so what is our choice? Keep going with an ever increasing cost of living, where for example since 1974, electricity costs from coal, nuclear, gas and nuclear have been ever rising, or do we want to look at a resource which is free for anyone to mine, and where the cost of mining it, has reduced by 99.5% since 1960?

We can be tempted by the cake on the table. Or we can use our Free Will to overcome this temptation and make our world a better place.

If someone came to you and said: your mission on earth is to make this earth a little bit better each day, what would you do? Every day? Would you do what "everyone else" is doing, or would you be uniquely you?

Only you have your fingerprint. Only you can make the imprint that you are destined for. And each of you, and me, as well, have a place. We have latent talent, inherent capability. If I want to use it, I must learn so that I can earn the respect I can get. Learning also has ear in it.

Let's use our ears. Let's learn to earn respect. And I'm not talking about money, because in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, none of us will have "jobs" by 2050. We will all need our electricity and our water and our food to be free. And this is entirely possible in a world where we use our free will. If we don't do this, then we go into a world of slavery. A world where we are owned. A world where someone else decides our future. But we have it in ourselves, right now, to overcome the temptation in our pocket, and use our brain to bring rain, to be rainmakers, to bring the sunshine, and rain, both of which are required for life. Life implies to live. And if we look at live backwards we have evil. Life implies light. Evil implies the opposite of light, ie darkness. But no matter how dark something is, we can still bring it into the light and so we can en-light-en it, and become enlightened. A little bit at a time.

Will we do it? WIll we take this Age of Aquarius challenge and opportunity and use our free will and go places? If the mundane things like electricity and water and food are abundant and organic and nutritious and free, then we can really use our Free WIll to enact the parts of our brains that are here so that we can meet our Galactic Neighbours. This chance comes around every 2000 years, and it is here at the moment.

Let's grab it.


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