Thursday, 24 January 2019


20 18
18 is Life in Hebrew: Chai.
So last year was "To (2) Life". I thought it would be the best year ever. We are still here so it was amazing, but financially at least it could have been better. So perhaps "2 Life" meant Life Created and as "babies" we must first learn to eat, walk, and other things.

20 19
20 is Reish in Hebrew. 19 is Kuf.
Together they make Ryk. Rich in Afrikaans and German.

So let's pray for a rich year for everyone. Maybe it's not about the money, although obviously we all want to be here in January 2020, which will be Roar (like a Lion).

We are blessed to be here. We are renewed every night as we sleep. We wake up with new inspirations and new opportunities each day. Each day, God gives us an opportunity to be a partner in creation. And every day we should do something small to replenish the earth and make it just a little bit better.

I judge myself. I am hard on myself. I have high expectations of myself. Yet God does none of these. God gives me an opportunity each morning to be exactly who I want to be.

My first words in the morning thank the King. Yet, which earthly king do I have access to? None. Yet the Modeh Ani prayer puts me face to face (PaNaV, L'Fanecha) with my King, who supports and loves me, and who is the King of the Universe, Living and Eternal, ever Faithful (Emunah).

In Hebrew, King is Melech. Melech has the Hebrew letters Caf, Lamed and Mem. CLM. CaLM! God is CaLM (under pressure). Of-course God is above (without) time, so God has no pressure. These three letters are the middle three letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. In complete harmony and balance. What Buddhists call "The Middle Path." It's not about sitting on the fence. It's about being Open (Chesed) to all possibility and not having "mind poisons" (Buddhist and Jewish). Mind poisons are called poisons because they poison our minds and so we don't see the Whole Picture.

eg: when we get angry or when we get jealous or when we get excited, our mind closes. Imagine that someone makes you angry, you start thinking about retribution, and you start taking out your "guns". Guns are the opposite of Snug. Just like Evil is the opposite of Live. We cannot possibly be snug and in harmony and balanced if we take out our guns. And Gun's opposite is Nug (Nudge): so much easier to nudge someone in the right direction, than to shoot them (down)!!

We have to be Open to all possibility. All the time. We need to work hard to see the Big Picture, and this starts by seeing Small Pictures that make up the Big Picture.

Whole is ShaLeM in Hebrew. ShaLeM has the same letters as ShaLoM, which means Peace, as well as Hello and GoodBYe (God Bless You). When we are Whole, we are at Peace.

Melech is CaLM. CoL (two of the Consonants with a different vowel) is Everything, the Whole and C and L are the 11th and 12th letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, right in the Middle, in Complete Balance.

AMeN: An Acronym for El Melech NeEman. God, King, Faithful.

(c) 2019, David Lipschitz. Feel free to use what I have said, as long as you refer to me.

PS: God is not God's name. So I'm not hassled about having a - sign, like G-d. To describe God by using the word "God" is belittling for God. We'll have more discussions about this as well as MeM, and so much more.

Shalom: You are blessed. Be blessed. Be a blessing.

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