Sunday, 28 October 2018

Love and Faith

Yesterday 11 Jewish people were murdered in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA.
My heart bleeds for them and for their families, and for everyone of faith, everywhere.
If we have Faith, we Trust in the Power of Love, of Redemption, and of Revelation.
Love implies opening ourselves up to an infinite possibility of hurt, as those we love (open up to) can use what they know against us, in the worst possible way. Of-course, if they love us back, they can use this knowledge to open us up, to find that infinite spark that lives inside each of us, and help us to a full and meaningful life.
Redemption means being bought out of slavery, and specifically by The Divine, The Infinite, G-d. Jews remind ourselves every year (at Passover) that we are slaves, open to the temptations of a world that tries to make us slaves, and we can, will be, and are free.
Revelation means what is revealed to us as we travel the lonely desert and listen to that voice we hear in the stillness of our heart, our breath.
Love means that people can shoot us, wound us, hurt us. Redemption means that we can be shot at, as we are "different". Revelation means that we can be called weirdos, by those who "don't get it". And this is applicable no matter what we call ourselves.
Christians say that "G-d is Love". So Divinity allows Divinity to be attacked, but also to be Loved, Cherished, and Blessed.
I have been reading about two calls for action: one "gun control"; two "vengeance".
Gun control is not a good idea. Controlling one's use of a gun is very important, just as controlling one's use of a one ton lump of metal that we usually refer to as a car. When the government owns all the guns (weapons), we have the possibility of fascism. And so many more people have been killed by fascism, than by the lone gunners out there.
Vengeance!, implies that we "lose it". We lose control. Buddhism says that vengeance is a "mind poison". Why a mind poison? Because when we get angry, we lose our self control. Our mind is poisoned to the possibility that things can be different. If we close down our minds by thinking about how to avenge our anger, we limit our minds from expanding into an infinite possibility, open to us, especially now as we leave Pisces and move towards Aquarius.
At some point, Robert Bowers, the gunman, decided that he hated a people of faith, in this case Jews, enough, that he would arrive at a place of prayer, and shoot and kill as many people as possible.
What caused him to get to this point?
Why did he do it?
What caused him to hate someone so much that he would kill them?
When we understand these lessons, we will make the world a tiny bit lighter.
Remember to light your candle and burn it brightly, as a tiny light can light up an infinite darkness.
I again send love and compassion, healing and blessing to the families of the slain, and to people of faith everywhere.

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