Wednesday, 11 March 2015

South African Job Opportunities hurting people

How Job Opportunities are hurting lives:

A so called "Job Opportunity" destroyed our Gardener's working life, which he is now rebuilding.

He used to work for us and for another 4 people. He also had painting jobs and other work.

Then about 2.5 years ago he got a "Job Opportunity" with a contractor doing cleaning for the City of Cape Town.

He suddenly had a regular income and apparently he earned more with them than before. And during this time his "wealth" increased and he incurred debts. He didn't realise he was on a contract and after a year the contract was renewed, but after the second year the contract was not renewed. Someone else got a "Job Opportunity" which as far as I can tell is illegal. You cannot simply replace someone with someone else in terms of our Conditions of Employment Act, but perhaps this Act doesn't apply to government!

As far as we know, he currently only has one job: us!!

This "entrepreneur" got a Job Opportunity. But he didn't understand that it wasn't permanent.

But during this Job Opportunity he incurred debts. The debt providers didn't care that he had a Job Opportunity. All they cared about was that he had a regular income and a pay slip.

This Job Opportunity situation MUST be explained to people, especially voters and perhaps our President and his merry men and women will work hard to create the environment needed for Permanent Jobs and not Job Opportunities.

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