Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sanctifying our RAINBOW nation - forever

Ethnic cleaning of Christians in the Middle East.


Everyone please be aware of what's brewing. We need to not take sides.

We live in South Africa. Those of us who do.

We have Christian (Catholic, Methodist, Protestant, Orthodox and others) and Muslim (multiple kinds) and Jewish (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and others) and Tibetan and Buddhist and Zen and Black and White and Brown and Gay and Lesbian and Straight and non-believer and Agnostic and Atheist and men and women and so many other types of friends. We have friends who are leaders and friends who are managers and friends who are generalists and friends who are doctors and friends who are just your day to day kind of person.

We love all of them / us. We have a very special RAINBOW nation and we MUST keep it.

The only way we can keep it is if we have freedom of speech and freedom of association and freedom of religion and freedom to be who we want to be. If we allow some people to control what can and can't be said and what can and can't be worn and who can and can't be prayed to or with, then we are on a road to ruin. It doesn't matter who these people are and what their beliefs are.

South Africa and South Africans are truly special people. Before Islam, one could say that everyone was Hindu or Jewish or Christian or Buddhist or Atheist, etc. Before Christianity one could say that everyone was Hindu or Jewish or Buddhist or Atheist, etc. Before Judaism we were other types of people.

But how can we possibly say that someone who lived before any of these ways of life automatically went straight to hell?

We can't.

Its like saying there was no gravity until Isaac Newton discovered gravity in the 17th Century!

The distance from heaven to hell is very very very small. It is a state of mind! The more ignorant and the more one sided and the more intolerant we are, the bigger the distance from heaven to hell or from hell to heaven.

In this 21st Century with its internet we have an opportunity to find good in things and good in each other and good in our RAINBOW nation.

Please everyone. Lets VALUE what our forefathers Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo and FW de Klerk and Helen Suzman and so many others have done for our corner of the world, a corner we call South Africa. They are and were heros. Each and every single one of us separately and together can also be heros. We just have to sanctify our RAINBOW nation.

And if and when we do this, everyone will want to join us and share in the beauty of our part of the world. A tiny world in a huge cosmos. A world where we should love and share, not take and blame.

My friends. Please lets remain friends. Lets not be strangers. Lets be better friends. Lets learn about each other and respect each other and help each other and be compassionate to each other. Now and forever.


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