Friday, 31 January 2014

22 kilometers going no-where

22 km going no-where.

Dear all

I just spent an hour in the traffic going no-where.

I was trying to get to Westlake. But Koeberg Road was choc-a-block. So I took my usual detour and that was full. Then I took the detour in the detour and that was full.

The Koeberg Road Intersection at the N1 is bad. So I eventually managed to turn off Koeberg Road into Paarden Eiland so that I could go via town and get onto Eastern Boulevard, but the N1 into town was bad. I eventually turned around and came home.

Interest rates went up this week. I guess people are so mad, that they have forgotten how to drive. Interest rates normally only go up when an economy is over-heating or there is inflation, but ours have just gone up because of foreigners selling Rands. And this is exactly what our politicians have been asking for!! A weak Rand to sustain exports!! But this is at the expense of huge inflationary pressures, because as our Rand depreciates, everything for everyone who isn't an exporter goes up dramatically.

And if interest rates go up, then homeowners are suddenly at risk and may lose their houses (ie can they afford repayments) and far worse, the jobs that they go to are suddenly also at risk as business owners who have borrowed money and put their own houses on the line suddenly have to downsize in order to save themselves. Yes, people, being a business owner, especially a small business owner is not easy.

I am in the process of looking at every one of my expenses at the moment and everything that is not necessary will be removed.

There are alternatives, but they require us poor people to work together. We are only poor because we don't trust each other and because we don't work together. In the meantime the rich get richer because they spend lots of time together having coffee, chatting, playing golf, and working out how to make money and have fun.


So if you don't need to drive today, stay at home. Think about the future of this incredible country that should be growing as fast as China, but isn't because our leaders are taking money out of all the things that make an economy grow, i.e. high electricity prices, high water prices, high petrol prices, high transport prices, high inflation, high interest rates, etc. Let's grow our economy and let's be great. Lets get rich together and lets have fun doing it.


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