Monday, 1 March 2010

Repair Your World: Afrikaans Newspaper

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For those Afrikaans readers amongst you, an article referring to me appears in yesterday's Rapport newspaper in the Sake24 section.  I was interviewed by the reporter on Friday.

You can read the article in Afrikaans and English.

I also just sent the following to the editor of the Cape Times (it was published - although rewritten):

Acting deputy director-general of energy Ompie Aphane said last week that the latest tariff announcement will see the shortfall on Eskom's build programme increase from R34billion to R50billion (at

Imagine if private industry and private households built this R50 billion for themselves using Net Metering and Retail Wheeling (transporting energy across the distribution network from a point of supply to a point of use).  South Africans are ready.  Is the government ready to take a giant leap for its citizens?

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