Thursday, 29 January 2009

Barak Obama, Yes We Can, Wins (written 5th November 2008)

Dear all

An African in the White House. An African American.

Our Hope. Hatikva: The Hope. Perhaps the hope of the world.

The Mayans predicted that we are currently in the fifth night, where the lessons of the fifth day happen, and where in the sixth day which starts next Tuesday, 11th, we actually start embracing the change. The sixth day is "the darkest hour" of each of the 9 cycles (which have 7 days and 6 nights) in the Mayan Calendar. The current change is a movement from Power to Ethics. As a socialist capitalist, ie a person who believes that the profits made by a capitalist system, which strives for efficiency and effectiveness, must be shared and that debts must be paid off or managed, I welcome this change to an Age of Ethics. The Bible says that some people are given wealth and the ability to make money. They have the associated responsibility to share some of it, as well as to lead by example.

BTW, if you search for Mayan Prophecy you will encounter doomsday scenarios. Having studied the prophecy, watched the videos, been to lectures, Mirjana and I have discovered that this is not a doomsday scenario. Rather it is a dawning of a new age of enlightenment, where time loses its meaning, and where ethics and sharing become the accepted paradigm worldwide. You can find the Mayan Calendar here:

Enjoy the following video: about Change.



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Oscar Lyons said...

Hello David

Firstly, I need to commend you an a TRULY honest, heartfelt, sincere and inspiring 'letter to AAGroup'. I feel as though you have taken the 'collective thoughts' of MANY a person, not just at AAGroup but in South Africa and translated it into 'simple speak' for the masses! This is just what I needed to read this morning - reading your mail has reminded me of all the good things WE CAN DO, to make not only our own lives better, but that of others as well.

To quote a line from one of your previous e-mails 'At the moment we have centralised systems where a few incredibly wealthy families get rich at the expense of everyone else; where we are told that there has to be a "cost of living" and where we have to "save for retirement." Where we have to be dependent on centralised grocery stores when for example, in my garden, I have guavas, parsley, rosemary and lavender (and when we had a vegetable garden we had lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, etc (much more than we needed)) and my neighbours have lemons, apricots, potatoes, etc. Why not barter with them?' - Did you know that within the first 5yrs of Cuba being sanctioned, their oil supply was reduced by 80%and food imports were more than halved??? The government then issued an instruction to EVERY Cuban who has a piece of arable land, to grow vegetables and fruit. Whether you grew them in your front/backyard or on your porch in a 'farming tray'. Eventually what happened is that Cuba had grown SO MANY fruit and vegetables, they could export to other countries (who were still willing to do business with them) in exchange for imports of other 'raw materials' that they needed.

Funnily enough, the wave of sanctions that hit Cuba, was the best thing that could have happened to them, as their people started eating healthier (decreasing rates of various deseases), exports grew, more people were put to work (through the farming initiative) and pollution was DRASTICALLY REDUCED because of the huge decrease in motor vehicles on the road and also people were generally alot healthier since a larger amount of the population started using bicycles as a medium of transport to and from work.

So when you say There are amazing opportunities in a recession and depression you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! All it takes is a positve frame of mind, positive attitude, BELIEF in yourself and others and good, old fashioned 'rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty' type of hard work!

I wish you every success in each and ever venture you endeavour to fulfill and know that GOOD ALWAYS triumphs over evil!

With great thanks

p.s Please check out - and see what a proposed Resource Based Economy will look like. Since the MONETARY SYSTEM WILL EVENTUALLY FALL AWAY!!! I'll also be checking out your blogspot and watching the video clips you suggest!