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Don't travel if you are forced to get a vaccination to travel!!

If you need a vaccination to fly, don't fly. The airlines will soon realise that they cannot enforce rules which their clients don't want.

If you want a vaccination, that's fine, but then don't worry about the people without vaccinations infecting you. After all you have a vaccination!

Note that the first vaccination that is "available" only deals with the mildest forms of Covid19. And in all likelihood one will need two vaccinations. So if we assume that there will be a vaccination for mild, medium, and serious, then one can look forward to at least 6 injections for Covid over the next few years.

And then there will probably be more and more strains of Covid as our water and air quality deteriorates. Read my book and learn how to stop this deterioration! Only $1.30 (about R20) until end of November on a Black Friday special:

Rather build your immunity. It seems expensive, but it is much more expensive to get sick, or to have reactions to a vaccine. I know personally as I had a flu shot about 20 years ago and as a direct result of that I got histamines. Why? Some tests were done and I found that I am allergic to the duck albumen (egg white) used to carry the vaccination.

This is not medical advice. Make your own decisions. But don't force your way of life onto me! Take care and be safe.

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